May 24, 2008 at 6:26 pm (islam, Uncategorized)

Association because I feel that people asociate somethings with islam that is not actually in islam at all and is actually innovation and cultural practices.

This then results in people having a misconstrued idea of what islam actually is and what it teaches, furthermore causing people to have prejudices.

Examples of these associations:

1) Forced marriages. In many cultures you will find parents that are under the impression that they are the ones who choose to have the ultimate say on their daughter’s (mainly) husband. Quite often it will be a much older man and the girl will be forced into marrying him against her will. This is wrong in islam as any informed person will know. For a marriage to be legitimate in islam, the agreement of both the future spouses has to be obtained.

2) Female genital mutilation (circumcision of the female kind). Yes this was indeed practiced in the time of the Prophet (salallahu alayhi wassalam). And there is a hadith that backs this up. I haven’t got it to hand. But there was a difference with how this was practiced. The proper way to perform such an operation is to remove a tiny piece of skin. But the way in which many in North african countries and some on the east coast also are practicing it is by removing the whole clitoris. This causes much damage to the woman having it done and can result in death through loss of blood and infection.

3) Honour killings and the idea of having four witnesses to confirm a rape. There is a rule in islam that if anyone commits adultery then there has to be four reliable witnesses to confirm this for a conviction provided that the persons involved do not come forward themselves. Some seem to take this to mean that when a woman is raped, she also needs four witnesses to testify that she is telling the truth. But I think that we can all agree that if a rape does take place generally it is not publically known and therefore the idea that it was witnessed by four people is quite unlikely. This results in the woman then being blamed for committing adultery and being killed by her own family in order to maintain and not taint the family honour. Am I the only one that can see that there is no honour whatsoever in killing your own child. This of course is widely practiced in so called islamic countries (using the term loosely here) where muslims are the majority and therefore is wrongly attributed to islam by both muslims and non-muslims alike. Of course it is an abhorrent practice and may those that are involved with it be punished severely by Allah in the hereafter, but this does not excuse the fact that some people still think that it is an islamic practice. Yes a muslim practice but not an islamic one. And I hope that at least one person might benefit from reading this and do their own research into islam.

You see, to get a full perspective of any group of people whether religious, political or otherwise, you have to go to the sources and not what people are saying. We need to wake up and realise and start to have our own opinions.


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  1. AmericanMuslimaWriter said,

    Absolutley right! I can’t believe how many times I’ve had to defend Islam to people who said these things were under islamic laws. People totally need to educate themselves about the difference between culture and religion andnot lump them together. Good points all!

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