Shia and Sunni

June 6, 2008 at 2:08 pm (islam) (, , , , , , )

I have heard so much about shia muslims in the year and a half that I have been muslim. And I have also known a shia muslim for about ten months now. I went to the mosque with her yesterday and witnessed with my own eyes and ears kind of what the shias are all about. I don’t have any problem whatsoever witht hem although I may not agree with some of their practices. It was an enjoyable visit to the mosque and I am glad that I had the opportunity. I don’t like to labe l myself or others and I just have a desire for the whole muslim Ummah to unite as one and have love for one another. It is sad that muslim brothers and siters feel the need to fight against each other when we should be fighting against the common enemy which is the media, trying to bring us down and tread our religion into the mud.

Any one who believes in Allah and the Prophets is my brother or sister and I do not want their blood shed in vain. We all need to open up our hearts and try to understand each other a bit more. And not to dwell on our differences but to unite under our similarities and build bridges from there. I hope that some others out there agree with this. assalamu alaikum to all of you. 



  1. abunakhli said,

    Good take on the situation. I am a convert like you are, except that I have chosen the Shia path. I do believe that the whole Sunni-Shia conflict is something that the west is using to occupy our minds and not let us concentrate on our common enemies as you put it.

    We, as Muslims, must get our act together in order to be able to face our enemies.

  2. AmericanMuslimaWriter said,

    This is a good point to make. A lot of the conflict though comes from the bottom line of are shias Muslims? A whole lotta people think they aren’t. SOme think they are. I personally don’t know enough about the shia to have an opinion either way so I stay WAY out of the debate/discussion 🙂

  3. nabeelahmuslimah said,

    I have also heard that argument that are shias muslims, and i do kind of understand what people are trying to get at, but when i visited the mosque the other day, that was enough to tell me that the fundamentals are there, the belief is so common, it’s the small things that are different. so i think that as long as the fundamentals of the faith are there then that is good enough. Allah knows what is in people’s hearts and whether or not we are doing the right thing is between us and him. peace to all.

  4. abunakhli said,

    Did you know that Al-azhar university in Egypt considered Shiaism to be one of the ‘five’ schools of Sunnism a little while back? Yes, there are definite differences between the two schools of thought – some are small and some are big. But, one must ask themselves what a Muslim is? Shias believe in the Allah being one, without any partners; believe in the Quran being an everlasting miracle; believe in the prophethood of Muhammad (s) and all other prophets; believe in the hereafter – and so on. As sister nabeelah mentioned the fundemantals are all the same. But, to say that Shias are not Muslim is a trick used by the west in order to cause division amongst the Muslims. This should be very clear!

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