Boycott Israel

June 8, 2008 at 12:16 pm (israel) (, , )

I have heard so much on this boycott israel thing and there is a huge range of companies that are suspected to be involved in helping the zionist state in israel to occupy the palestinians. I would just love to get a chance to ask the people behind these companies how they feel about what they are doing, knowing that they are contributing to the unfair abuse in every way of innocent people aincluding women and children. It really sickens me to know how many companies are actually involved in this including johnsons&johnsons, a company that make baby oil, and then on the other side you have the money that they are earning being used to leave babies as orphans.

There are obviously many different opinions on who is suffering in this war that is taking place, and especially since what is shown on the TV in no way really reflects the palestinians suffering. Some people don’t even realise or don’t wnat to think about where their money could be going. I am horrified and I intend to do as much as I feel that I can do to let these people know that it is not ok.

But actually when it comes down to it, I think that we all know why these companies are involved: power hungy and lory hungry. Seeing as the zionist state is controlling everything these days.

I think we should all do our very best to find out which companies are a part of this and to where and when we can not buy these products.



  1. abunakhli said,

    I think the problem is that they do not believe that what is going on in Palestine is wrong.

  2. AmericanMuslimaWriter said,

    I recieve lists often about the product names but sadly you almost couldn’t cooka single meal without helping isreal. I have never seen any proof though that these complanies are helping Isreal. Where’s finacial staements and such pointing out the obvious that we can show to the CEO’s faces and make real accusations not just boycotts. I’m all for boycotting with proof.. but so far no one has sent me any so I can’t really boycott everything without proof.
    When the danish wrote thta cartoon we boycotted danish products and it had a good efect BUT we had proof the man was danish and of what he did do demean the Prophet (SAW).

  3. Miss Muslimah said,

    I agree with AMW on this one……

  4. Sameer said,

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