The collapse of christianity is wrecking British society.

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and islam is filling the void. Funny how this article on the mailonline–Islam-filling-void.html tries to make it seem as though islam is the enemy because people are leaving the church. In this country, England, people have complete freedom of choice, people are converting to islam of their own free will and also leaving the church of their own free will.

The bishop of rochester says in this article that christianity is becoming less popular and islam is filling the void of this religion.

He said: ‘It has created the moral and spiritual vacuum in which we now find ourselves.’ In the place of Christianity there was nothing ‘except perhaps endless self-indulgence’.

The bishop said the consequences were ‘the destruction of the family because of the alleged parity of different forms of life together, the loss of a father figure, especially for boys, because the role of fathers is deemed otiose, the abuse of substances (including alcohol), the loss of respect for the person leading to horrendous and mindless attacks, the increasing communications gap between generations and social classes – the list is very long.’

He then says that as a result of this, westrern values of chritianity are leading to consequences such as the loss of the father figure in many families and the abuse of illegal substances. He then says something which is truly laughable, that in the place of these christian values there is nothing but endless self indulgence. But I have to argue that although the christian values may be being lost, if islam is the religion that is filling the void then that can only be a good thing.

To represent my point, if the main worries are substance abuse and loss of a father figure then you just have to look at what islam teaches about these things. Firstly with regards to substance abuse, islam tells us that we should stay away from all intoxicants

“They ask you (O Muhammad) about intoxicants and games of chance. Say: ‘In both of them there is a great wrong and a means of (some) profit for men; but their sin is greater than their profit.’”
Surah Baqarah, ayat 219

And on top of that, in islam a man must take responsibility for any children that he fathers, and because of this must be married to a woman before they have sexual relations, this means then that if islam is adhered to correctly then children will not be born out of wedlock. whereas in this british society there are various incidences of men and women having one night stands, and sometimes a child comes from that that will never know their father, or the man will want nothing to do with it, because thatis not what they signed up for.

But on top of all of this, is it really the responsibility of christianity to instill some sort of morality into society? And when has christianity in the past couple of decades really made a difference to crime and immorality. Maybe back in war times people followed christianity more strictly but with the church making a mockery of itself by condoning all sort sof things that are actually clearly stated in the bible as forbidden then is it any wonder that people are abandoning it.

This country is under the label of a christian country but laws are being passed more and more frequently now that are completely going against this system of religion, such as gay marriage.

Islam teaches humans that no one is better than another except with that regarding religion, in that the only way you can better yourself is not with material gain but with adhering to islamic principles. Under the law of islam, substance abuse, sex outside of marriage, arrogance and many other things are forbidden, creating a better society for us all. I just believe that sometimes islam is being used as a get out, meaning that if you put islam in a newspaper or anyhting relating to it then it will sell. Who wants to read about the decline of christianity if they haven’t got something to blame it on and islam is the perfect candidate. It is a matter of let’s all jump on the bandwagon, this is what is happening. People are queueing up to have a pop at islam no matter how ridiculous the circumstances.

In conclusion, the truth, yes christianity is collapsing, yes islam is the fastest growing religion, but what people choose to follow is completely up to them. 


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