42 Days

June 13, 2008 at 10:18 am (government ideas) (, , , )

The 42 day thing. Is giving me a headache. I just can’t believe that this policy has been passed. It’s not that I think that people should be released into the public if they pose a threat. but how can you know that a person poses a threat to society if you don’t have the evidence yet. also it is not just that, it’s the fact that a potential murderer poses the same threat to society if released but I don’t see any policies coming out to hold them for 42 days.

It just annoyed me the other day when I read on a website that they had got the opinion of muslims as it was bound to affect them, and I just thought “oh great, so if you are muslim then the possibility of being held in prison for 42 days for suspected terrorism will affect you because all muslims are terrorists.” It made me laugh but it is sad too, because you could say the same about anything, eg if a priest is convicted of child abuse then is it bound to affect all the other priests if they decide that that particular priest must be taken out of the church. Yes it might affect them in that they might know the person, but not in the way that they should feel there is a risk of them being taken out of the church just because they are a priest.

Well anyway, i’m just a bit annoyed by some of the assumptions being made.


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